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Forex Brokers                   

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If you are in a country where spread betting is allowed (Europe, Australia) you can trade Forex using a spread betting platform. However, this route will not give you the free charting software and the ability to use robots.

The way to go is to open an account with a specialist Forex broker that offers the charting software called "MetaTrader 4" for free. This is the package you need because it is the only platform that allows robots (called Expert Advisors) to be used and if you have the ability you can also build them using the same platform.

As I am based in the UK I have an account with Alpari (see below) who fulfill all the criteria I have mentioned. Check the list below for brokers that support MetaTrader 4 depending on where you live.

The first stage is to go to the broker site and download and install MetaTrader 4. When you open it you will see that you will have a demo account and everything in place to trade starting straight away.

Having got MetaTrader up and running you can then think of buying (or building) and using robots.

You can then add a live account if you wish when you are ready.


The following Forex Brokers support MetaTrader 4


ETX Capital. http://www.etxcapital.co,uk

APEX FX Trading http://www.apexfxtrading.com
fxTeam http://www.fxteam.ru/
Forex Global Investment LLC http://www.forexgi.com
Interbank FX http://www.interbankfx.com
SNC investment http://www.sncinvestment.com
FXDirectDealer http://fxdd.com
N Two Bank http://www.n2bank.com/
Velocity 4X http://www.velocity4x.com/

British Virgin Islands
Real Trade Ltd. http://www.realtrade.lv

STS Finance SC http://www.finance.sts.bg

Windsor Brokers Ltd. http://www.windsorbrokers.biz
NorthFinance http://www.northfinance.com

Orion Global Financial Services http://www.orionbrokers.com

FX-Pro Ltd. http://www.fx-pro.com
The Commercial Group http://www.cgtim.com

New Zealand
KVB Kunlun New Zealand Limited http://www.kvbkunlun.com

Performance Forex GmbH http://www.eforex-asia.com

Admiral Investments and Securities Ltd. http://www.forextrade.ru
Bull Trend Brokerage http://www.bulltrend-bg.com
Financial Network Worldwide Ltd. http://www.forexservice.net
FinMarket Ltd. http://www.finmarket.com.ua
IC Vector Securities Ltd. http://www.icvector.ru
Integral Bank http://www.fxintegral.com.ua
Lefco Bank http://www.lefco.ru
Livingston Investment Inc. http://www.mytrustbank.com
Teletrade D.J. International Consulting Ltd. http://www.teletrade.ru
Ukrsotsbank http://forex.ukrsotsbank.com
FXBest http://www.fxbest.ru
Forex Service http://www.forexservice.net/

Man Financial (S) Pte Ltd http://www.manfinancial.com.sg

FiboGroup http://www.fibogroup.com
Crown Forex http://www.crownforex.com/


Forex links:    Forex Section Home  |  Forex Brokers  |  About Robots  |  Robot List  |  Forex books