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Robot Installation                  

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It is not my intention to provide comprehensive instruction on this page. Virtually all suppliers of robots (Expert Advisers or EA) have good instructions that I cannot improve on. In addition there are some who provide a complete download so that you get MetaTrader 4 with the EA already installed. However, here are a few guidelines that may help if you get stuck.

Please do not email me for help on this subject, you must contact the supplier.

First make sure that MetaTrader 4 is downloaded, installed and running correctly. Any robots are visible in the "Navigator" window under the heading Expert Advisors.

The "Robot" or EA comprises one or sometimes two files:

  • A file with the extension ex4 (example Robot.ex4)
  • And sometimes a file with the extension mq4 (example Robot.mq4)

Most suppliers only provide the ex4 file because then you are unable to open it and gain access to the code. The mq4 file allows access to the code (within MetaTrader) and the MQ programming language which is unique to MetaTrader but based on C++

The EA file(s) should reside in the "experts" folder. The location is:

C:, Program Files, MetaTrader 4, experts

If you copy and paste the EA file(s) into the experts folder you will need to close and re-open MetaTrader before they can be seen in the Navigation menu.

You then open a chart of the currency pair and timescale you wish to trade. Once the chart is set up the way you want simply click and drag the EA onto the chart. If everything is set up correctly you will see a smiley face by the robot name in the top right corner of the chart.

If you do not get the smiley face then right click the robot name, select Expert Advisors, Properties and click the Common tab. Usually you need to see a tick in Enable alerts, Allow Live Trading, Allow DLL Imports and Allow import of external experts. Usually you must NOT see a tick in Confirm DLL function calls, Ask manual confirmation or Disable alert once hit.

Apart from the above there are two other things to check:

  1. There is an Expert Advisor button in the top menu above the chart. This switches the EA on and off. Green is on.
  2. Go to Tools, Options then Expert Advisor tab. Make sure that the setting there agree with the EA properties above.

Some robot suppliers go to great lengths to prevent pirate copies of their work (understandably) and that will involve another process in to allow the EA to work. Things like putting your purchase receipt number in a space in "Inputs". You get to inputs by right clicking the name of the robot on the chart then Expert Advisors then Properties and then you will see the Inputs tab.

As I have said before, if you have any difficulty getting the robot working then I hope this has helped you but please do not contact me as I cannot provide support for other peoples products - please contact them direct.



Forex links:   Forex Section Home  |  Forex Brokers  |  About Robots  |  Robot List  |  Forex books