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Forex Robot List                   

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If you need a bit of help to install a robot (Expert Advisor) click here.

Over the past 12 months or so the quantity and quality of robots available on the market has soared.
Many people have lost money in the past but some of the new robots available are profitable and well worth trying.
I am now using some of these "off the shelf" robots on my live accounts and they are doing well.

The purpose of this page is to list a number of robots and their sales pages in order to allow you to check out what the supplier says and make a decision whether you wish to test it or not.

In addition to that I will pass on any comments from other SST traders to give you a bit more information on which to base your decision. I will add my own comments where I feel it is appropriate but please remember the decision to buy and test these robots is yours.

Once again I must stress that you thoroughly test any robot on a demo account and only when fully satisfied transfer it to a live account.

Have fun testing and if you have any feedback on specific robots please send it to me by clicking here.



Wall Street

Link to Wall Street

AN EXCELLENT EA. I am trading this one and have done for over two years and HIGHLY recommend it - particularly on EURUSD AND GBPUSD. It has performed extremely well. I REALLY like this EA. They issued an option on settings for the EURUSD and GBPUSD which have a tighter stop and well worth using in my view. Definitely one to use in a basket of EA's.

Windfall EA

Link to Windfall website

A very good EA. I have had this on my live account for over 12 months now. Versions 1 and 2 produced results not much better than break even but Version 3 is now producing profits. I like this EA and trade it myself.

Forex Combo

Link to Forex Combo website

I have traded with this one and initially I was impressed but overall it did not make profit. It contains four trading strategies in one EA. Scalper, Retracement, Breakout and Range - great in theory. EURUSD Scalper has made me some money and GBPUSD Range did well. It trades EURUSD and GBPUSD only. One of the tricks is to monitor how it does with each of the strategies on both currency pairs then adjust the lot sizes to balance the risk across the strategies and currencies. Retracement and Breakout seem to have less regular success but can come in with a big win every now and again. The longer term results were disappointing.

EA Shark

Link to EA Shark

This EA is good. Very interesting as it only opens trades at the beginning of the Asian market and closes them usually within minutes - perhaps an hour or so at the most so not what I would call a scalper. It also goes for several days without trading so don't expect lots of activity. The website shows back tests AND live trading forward tests going back to July 2010. It has done well in live trading. A bit more expensive than many EA's but it is worth it. I have bought this one and it is now trading one of my live accounts. So far it has lived up to expectations and made money each month except one. I use this EA - the only warning is that it doesn't trade that often.

The same link (left) will take you to the three products this company offer. ProFX 2.0 appears to be a very good semi-automatic system.

Blessing B3

Link to EA Shark

A FREE ONE! Yes, a good EA that is free. I have used this for some time with low lot sizes because there is a risk. It adds to existing trades when they go against you but I still like the way it trades. It comes with a comprehensive manual and is one I recommend you look at.

Kangaroo EA

Link to Kangaroo website

Initially I wasn't too impressed with this and after testing for a while I gave up but then heard that they had improved it with a later version. They kindly allowed me a free upgrade and it is now performing well on my live accounts. I particularly like the fact it majors on AUDUSD so spreading the risk across another currency where most EA's trade EURUSD, GBPUSD. Definitely one to add to a basket of EA's.


Link to MorpheusFXSolutions

This EA arrived on the market with some controversy and the promise of consistent wins. I have to say this is not my experience. I gave it a fair try over three months and it was not profitable for me.

Tom's EA

Link to Tom's EA order form

This EA could make you a fortune. In two months on my live account it made over £5000. However, be warned, it uses a grid system so opens multiple trades which increase as a multiple of the first trade - although not a true Martingale (lots do not double). It can therefore get into very large drawdown. If you can stomach that then it is worth the money. Make sure you start on a demo account until you feel comfortable and I would urge you to use a very small lot size for the opening trade. Definitely start on risk setting 1.
This is not an EA, it is an indicator that gives you trades to take manually once a day. The vendor GUARANTEES 500 pips a month if you follow the indicator. Trades are placed in the evening complete with stop to run overnight so it is very easy to use. I purchased this and managed to get a refund!!

EA Sigma

Link to EA Sigma website

Produced by the same company as above (ForexEASystems) and a very similar EA. You will need to look at both to decide which one to go for but EA Shark seems to produce more profit.

Forex Gale

Link to Forex Gale

This EA contains 3 different strategies. Live results are shown on the sales page which is good. Performance looks good but it uses multiple trades so can get to pretty large drawdown.
I recently came across this scalping indicator. it is not a fully automated system but tells you when to enter and exit trades. It has very good write ups from others who have tested it. I tested it myself and managed to get a refund!!

Supreme Trading Bot

Link to SupremeTradingBot website

This EA seems to have a very high percentage of winning trades. There is a bit of hype on the website but excellent back test and live trading information. The live trading statement does seem to have the occasional high loss but with such a high percentage of wins the overall result is very good. Not an expensive robot and well worth a try. I have purchased this one and done some testing. I am not convinced.

Happy Forex System


I believe this EA uses a grid system but without Martingale (doubling up). A Slovakian developer so you may need to get Google to translate the site but don't be put off from investigating. Some grid systems are good. The back test looks good but other than an equity curve there is not much else to look at. I am not convinced.

Forex Bling

Link to Forex Bling

The hardest part about developing a robot is to be able to get it to perform in different market conditions. This contains scalping, breakout, grid and trend trading in 1 package, similar idea to Forex Combo. I have not tested this.

Forex Espionage

I know little about this one but if you follow the link (left) there is an excellent, very convincing and comprehensive video to explain the details - which include 90% winning trades and 48 hour support for life. It is only $39 (discounted) and comes with a 60 day guarantee. Incidentally, there is an optional "Forex Advanced Guide" but you don't have to buy it. There are two Robots in the package - Espionage and Espionage Turbo.
UPDATE - So far so good. Not many trades but in 11 trading days I am up 1,775. The Turbo version has produced virtually all the profits using the default settings on GBPUSD 15min. LATER UPDATE - AFter an initial good run it went into big drawdown - I have now stopped testing.

Forex Magic Machine

Many months ago I posted the fact that this one could be a scam. It turns out that it was.

Forex Insurrection


Has a video to watch if you follow the link on the left. Claims to make $21,384.55 in a month. I know nothing more about this one so I suggest you follow the link on the left and take a look for yourself.

Forex MegaDroid

Link to Forex MegaDroid website

They claim 95.82% accuracy and 100% profit per month. I have not yet tested it myself so please let me know any feedback and I will add it here. There has been a lot of "noise" about this one on the internet so worth taking a look. Juan (SST Member) said early days yet but it made winning trades then seemed to go to sleep for a while with no trades for 9 days. Peter (SST member) reported that it made very few trades but so far they were all profitable. Sandy also says that this one is good. This was backed up by others who said it makes 6-7 trades in a 3 day week - it doesn't trade Monday or Friday but results are good. One of the more promising robots out there.

Automatic Forex Crusher

Link to Automatic Forex Crusher website

It was bought to my attention by an SST Member who just started testing it. If I get further feedback I will post it here.

FAP Turbo

Link to FAP Turbo

The suppliers (three self confessed "geek's") are very serious about this and provide regular updates. I have tried this and felt it was one of the ones I needed to devote more time to testing but was distracted by building my own. The supplier claims are high and I have had one report from an SST Member who said he typically has lots of small gains through the day with very few losing trades. So far he is impressed. Another SST Member (Dave) said it has promise and made money initially then had a losing period. Another member, Len, says it works better on certain currency pairs than others and over the period he has been testing (3 weeks) some currencies (EURCHF & USDCAD) are showing good profit. You get regular emails from FAP Turbo suggesting new settings and perhaps you have to stay on top of that. It has sold in large quantities. Juan (SST Member) says "It is a good money maker if you closely follow the settings. Support is good and fast. A good investment, he recommends it." Sandy (SST Member) has had it running live and reports good profit particularly in the early days. There are two strategies built into the robot, a scalper and a longer term strategy. Reports say that the scalper is good if you have tight spreads but NOT the longer term strategy. Al (SST member) tested it over three months and made 2188 profit on a 5000 a/c which is pretty good by any standards and is switching to a live a/c using the Scalper on USD/CAD, EUR/CHF & EUR/GBP all on 15 min charts. Recommended to try.

Link to Roboteer website


This incorporates three different trading systems. Results are posted on the website and are impressive. I tested this one for a few weeks but then a new version was launched and I haven't got back to it again yet. Juan (sst member) says he made profit initially but then had some losing trades.
I had this on test for a time (about two months) and it made a bit then lost a bit and ended up down by a bit! The conclusion I came to was that it was a break even kind of system. Never going to set the world alight but may make you a small profit. SST Trader, Len says it does well in a strongly trending market.

Forex Breakout System

Link to their website

A great principle. I haven't been able to test it. The website just has an honest feel about it. Anyone had any experience with this one?

Forex Monster

Withdrawn - site says "Sold out".

Forex Gridbot

Website no longer available.



Forex Auto Cash Robot

Site says "Sold out"

Forex Funnel

Site not available.

Forex Ambush 2


Forex Bull

Site has been disabled/

Forex Terminator


Forex Boomerang


Forex AutoPilot

The Pips Leader




Forex Automoney

Mark in Toronto wishes to point out that he has had a bad experience with this company and their impatience and inability to answer his questions.

Trading Profit Booster

I have lost the address for this - perhaps the site has been taken down but I never managed to get it to work. If anyone has any reports on this let me know. Be careful if you come across it.
Forex Miracle
Harry (SST member) could not get this EA to to install and support seemed almost non existent. Any other experiences?



Please let me know about robots you have tried or tested and I will post up your comments to help others.

Email me



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