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   the truth about trading for a living


Lessons Learned from over 1000 Traders!

Trading the stock exchange is a FANTASTIC way of making money and many traders dream of trading for a living. This is essential reading for ANYONE who is serious about trading whether you intend to trade for a living or not.

NEW EDITION - Completely re-written February 2016


Whether you intend to trade for a living or not
this book is a MUST READ for any serious trader

Having supported and trained well over 1000 traders it becomes clear why some traders succeed and others fail. This book describes the difference between the two and pulls no punches in describing what to do to trade profitably and stand a chance of trading for a living.


"I will stick my neck out and say that if you do not believe and act upon what is covered in this book you will almost certainly become one of the trading tragedies. "

David Graeme-Smith
Author of "Short Swing Trading"


I have traded for a living since 2001 and have also written three books on trading. I have sold a great many books in over 50 countries around the world. With my first book, Short Swing Trading (SST system) I support traders to help them succeed.

Having answered well over a thousand emails from traders as well as holding one to one personal coaching sessions, patterns begin to emerge and then confirm by repeating over and over again. The same questions arise and the same attitudes to trading come through.

Some traders achieve success while many more fail. The ones that succeed are in the minority because trading successfully is difficult. It goes against many of our natural instincts and people are always looking for an easier route to success.

As a trader with a background of 20 years as a training manager in three different industries, I set about analyzing the key reasons why some succeed and even go on to trade for a living while others fail to ever get into consistent profits and eventually give up. Of course lots of people try trading but approximately 90% of all traders end up losing enough money to make them quit.

If you are currently not satisfied with your trading results whether you wish to trade for a living or not then this book is an absolute must for you.

If you are a novice trader this book will give you a realistic perspective on trading and a track to run on with a clear idea of the key things to will need to master.

If you are an experienced trader then some of the content you may be aware of - perhaps it is even obvious to some, but I guarantee that even if you are an experienced trader there will be things that you will learn to turn your trading around or take it to the next level. The content is applicable no matter what you trade (Stocks, Forex, Futures etc) or what time frame you trade (day trade, swing trade etc)


The lights will come on to the reality of what trading profitably is really about.


Fed up with unrealistic promises?

There are numerous books available on trading and many of them promise to make you a lot of money quickly. Why, because that matches the expectations of the people buying them. This book is different, it pulls no punches in telling you it is not that easy and explains why so many traders fail through unrealistic expectations and ideas of what successful trading really involves. Once you understand that you can then begin to build your trading into your dream.

This is an honest, no hype book that tells you what you need to do, achieve and master in order to become a successful trader and stand a chance of trading for a living - and from my experience it is not what the vast majority believe it to be.

Yes, it is possible to trade extremely profitably and even trade for a living. Why not learn from others mistakes and misconceptions and understand the realism of what successful trading really involves.

Many people dream of trading for a living because of the following reasons:

You will be your own boss
You can trade from home
You can trade from anywhere in the world
No need to employ anyone
No need to make anything
No need to sell anything
No need to find customers
Overheads are extremely small (pc, Internet and software)
Flexible hours - trade when you want to
Free time - take a day off, the market will always be there again tomorrow.
No limit to your income

It has to be the PERFECT BUSINESS!

And that understandably attracts many people including myself in 2001.
I made it and can honestly say that it doesn't feel like work - I enjoy every moment.
The benefits are excellent BUT the journey can be tough and traumatic.

“I am Corrado from Italy . I trade US market and have just downloaded your book “The Truth about Trading for a Living”.  It’s a fantastic book and should be the bible for all traders (novice and experienced).  I have made many of the mistakes you mention in the book and have been in search of “The Holy Grail” you mention. I bought tons of material and the majority was rubbish but my journey taught me many things. Your book has given me refreshing focus on what really matters and is worth far more than a ton of apparently marvelous trading systems. I assure you that from now on I will re-read The Truth about Trading for a Living every time I feel I am on the wrong path in order to get me re-focused.” - Corrado - Italy


If you are serious about your trading whether you intend to trade for
a living or not then you absolutely MUST read
The TRUTH about
Trading for a Living.

I wish it had been available to me when I started trading
- I had to learn the hard and costly way!

I wish you huge success with your trading and everything you are
looking for in life.

David Graeme-Smith


"What can I say. I am truly amazed with your book. Now I can see why I've been battling with my trading, because I did not have a clearly worked out plan. To tell the truth I did not even think that something like your plan existed". - Ben - USA

"I have really enjoyed reading The TRUTH about Trading for a Living. It put a lot of things into perspective for me, in particular the emotional side of trading" - Andy - UK

" Hello David, I recently bought your excellent book "Trading for a Living". It is one of the  best books I've ever read on the subject. Every word in your book is absolutely true. I have been trading commodities for over 30 years and have been through all the ups and downs you describe so accurately. It is great to have a summery of all the important concepts because they are so easy to neglect in the excitement of intra-day trading the S&P Mini where you often have just 1 or 2 minutes time to make your trading decision." Rainer - Canada

"Today, I ordered and have already read a copy of the “The Truth about Trading for a Living ” ebook and I wanted to compliment you on its content. Although I plan to spend a lot more time studying the material, what you presented is very logical and understandable. I spent the last year or so perfecting my trading strategy and now that it appears to be delivering consistent results, plan to write a business plan and automate the strategy. The information in this book gave me a lot of food for thought and i t was well worth the money – thank you." - Mike - USA

"May I take this opportunity of wishing you every success with your latest book "The Truth about Trading for a Living. Congratulations on a well constructed piece David. How you manage to achieve that which you do never ceases to amaze me but as time passes I certainly get a better Idea. Cheers." - Ken - UK

Table of Contents
If you wish to take a look at the main chapter headings please click the link above.

This ebook is in PDF format and instantly downloadable.
Not available in hard copy or from bookstores.

My no quibble 56 day money back guarantee.

The Truth About Trading For A Living. 5 Stars Award on TheDownloadPlanet.com  
Download Planet 5 star award

Please remember that you will have a no quibble 56 day (8 week) money back guarantee.
I am confident that you will find the book worth every penny or cent.

Trading is a FANTASTIC way of making money and many traders dream of trading for a living. This is essential reading for ANYONE who is serious about trading whether you intend to trade for a living or not.

!! A small investment in your future as a trader !!

The TRUTH about Trading for a Living

JUST £15 (approx $23)

Re-written in February 2016 (Version 4.0)


Payment is through PayPal which is the most popular secure payment site I know.
If you do not yet have an account you can still buy the book. You will be taken to a page
which allows you to instantly open an account in seconds and it is FREE (the account not the book!).

If you have any problems downloading the book please email me
and I will reply as soon as I can.

You could be reading The TRUTH about Trading for a Living in just a
few minutes from now and starting your journey to profitable trading
and realizing your dream .


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